Top 5+ Apps You Can Use to Make Your Mac Look Like Windows

If you use a Mac, there’s a high chance you’ve sometimes wished it looked more like a Windows machine. Fortunately, you can alter the look of your Mac using a variety of programs.

Some of the programs we’re going to describe will allow you to interact with files and folders in a more familiar manner if you’re one of the people who just migrated from Windows to macOS. Without further ado, let’s look at everything you’ll need to transform your Mac into a Windows-like system:

1.  uBar

Although the Dock is a crucial component of macOS, it doesn’t have many of the features that the Windows taskbar does. The Windows taskbar can take the place of the macOS Dock with the aid of uBar.

The uBar taskbar functions exactly like the Windows taskbar, so you can place it on any side of the screen and use your cursor to preview an app by hovering it over it.

 Apps You Can Use to Make Your Mac Look Like Windows

Additionally, the app supports using multiple monitors. The taskbar for each monitor will only show the apps that are currently being used on that monitor. The “Mirror mode” of the app will enable you to use the same taskbar across all displays.

2. Comprehensive Taskbar

Another element of the Windows user interface that many people may miss after switching to the Mac is the Taskbar. It differs from the Mac’s Dock in how it displays the open programs and might be difficult to remove.

There are two solutions that will add a lot of the Taskbar’s functionality to your Apple computer for new Mac users who miss it. Both uBar and ActiveDock provide Taskbar emulation so that Windows users may utilize their Macs more easily.

3. ActiveDock

ActiveDock is a decent choice as a substitute if uBar is not exactly your taste. The Dock is still there, but there are many more customization options, allowing you to personalize it anyway you want. This should be helpful regardless of what you have in mind since it covers anything from minor cosmetic adjustments to thorough overhauls of the Dock’s functionality.

 Apps You Can Use to Make Your Mac Look Like Windows

If you don’t like the appearance of Windows 10, two of the most helpful features of ActiveDock enable you add a Start menu and previews of open programs to the Dock. With the addition of these features and the preservation of the traditional Mac visual aesthetic, ActiveDock serves as a decent middle ground between the two operating systems.

4. Add More Features to Finder With XtraFinder

Let’s face it, the Mac’s Finder app’s search and sorting features are at best mediocre. Realizing that you can’t trim files on Mac the same way you can on Windows is another thing that new Mac users lament about switching.

In this situation, XtraFinder is useful. To cut files or folders with XtraFinder, all you need to do is hit Command + X. Instead of renaming the file or folder, pressing the Return key will just open it. If you just switched from Windows and are having trouble with Mac shortcuts, these clever small tweaks may significantly increase your productivity.

 Apps You Can Use to Make Your Mac Look Like Windows

You also get an endless clipboard with XtraFinder. The built-in clipboard on your Mac has relatively little capacity for recording files that you’ve copied or cut, despite the fact that you can access the clipboard history.

The software has a $4.99 price tag, but it also offers an unlimited trial period.

5. BetterSnapTool

Windows’ built-in window snapping is one of my favorite features. Any window may be moved to any edge of the screen by simply dragging it there; the window will then fill the available area automatically. Split View comes close to providing a comparable in MacOS, but it falls well short of what Windows offers. That hole may be filled with BetterSnapTool.

 Apps You Can Use to Make Your Mac Look Like Windows

BetterSnapTool is really easy to use, much like the Windows snapping function. But what sets it distinct is the abundance of customizing choices it provides. Keyboard shortcuts may be assigned, window resizing options can be changed, and even what each window’s traffic light buttons do when you right- or middle-click on them can be customized. It’s a fantastic deal since you get all that for only $3.

Turn Your Mac Into Windows

Although Windows has far superior user interface and design to Mac, especially if you’ve been using Windows for a while, there are some things that simply look and feel better on Windows.

You can easily transform your Mac into a Windows laptop or PC using the apps listed here without installing a new operating system using Boot Camp or any virtualization software.

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