Change the Color of Your Apps on Samsung – Tip

Try altering the app’s colors and icons if you want to further personalize your phone. Both on Android and iOS, there are many of entertaining methods to achieve it. Let’s investigate them now.

How to Change App Colors in Android

The ability to modify app colors and themes on an Android phone mostly relies on the Android version you’re running. It matters if you wish to modify the app’s colors without utilizing any other programs.

Using Color Palette

The new Android 12 Color Palette feature allows you to change the color of all app icons at once. This is how:

Change the Color of Your Apps on Samsung

  1. On the homescreen, hold down a tap and a long press before selecting Wallpaper and style.
  2. Click Color palette.
  3. Pick a color palette you prefer. Before applying, you’ll get a preview at the top of the screen. Then choose Set as Color Palette.

Use Phone’s Built-in Theme Options

You may utilize the built-in theme settings on your phone if you have an earlier version of Android and don’t have the Color Palette function. If you have a Samsung phone, for instance, you may go to the Galaxy Themes shop. Select the icon pack of your choosing by tapping on Icons from the menu choices at the bottom of the screen.

Icons, themes, wallpapers, and other items are available for free as well as for a fee. However, you could still discover comparable options if your phone is made by a different company.

Change the Color of Your Apps on Samsung

For instance, we also discovered the Theme Store on the Xiaomi phone. Even while there isn’t a function specifically for customizing your app icons, you may apply a theme and modify the app icons in line with it. You may access it by doing the following actions:

  1. On the home screen, long-press.
  2. Click Wallpaper. You will reach a new page after doing so.
  3. the Themes tab, please. Select a topic of your choosing.

Why Change the Color of Apps in One UI 4?

The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and additional devices—including the Fold and Flip—all support Samsung’s One UI 4 Android overlay. It is the most recent iteration of Samsung’s Android UI. One of the biggest improvements in One UI 4 is the ability to personalize your experience using Color Palettes. The home screen, app icons, notifications, wallpapers, and other interface elements are just a few examples of how they change the appearance and feel.

You may choose colors that go with your preferred backgrounds, themes, etc. The overall appearance of the system will be more unified as a result. Any modifications you make can then be saved and shared among compatible Samsung devices.

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