How To Turn Off Link Sharing On Samsung- Tip

It’s all about sharing in the social media era. You can share big files, such photographs, movies, and documents, wirelessly with Samsung Link Sharing. It allows you to quickly exchange huge files via Wi-Fi without the need of cords. How can you turn it off, though?
Link Sharing is the best choice if you want to share big files with many of people. However, because Link Sharing involves data transfers to and from your device, it may not always be the best choice for your data plan consumption.

This article will show you how to stop Link Sharing on an Android smartphone.

Step #1: Launch the Messaging App

To utilize Link Sharing, you must first open an existing conversation in your Android phone’s default messaging app.

Step #2: Open the Photos Sharing Interface

Once you’re in the discussion, click the Photos button to activate the interface for submitting pictures and videos.

Step #3: Toggle the Link Sharing Option

The link sharing feature may be turned on or off by clicking the cloud-shaped symbol with the words “on” or “off” next to it at the bottom of the screen.

How to Disable Link Sharing on Samsung

Note: Follow these precise steps to enable link sharing, but stop when the indicator indicates “on.”

What Is Samsung Link Sharing? 

Samsung Social, a feature that enables Galaxy smartphone users to exchange photographs and more, including link sharing.

It enables you to send links rather than real files (5MB and greater) to other Samsung Galaxy handsets. If you or the receiver have an older phone or a small data plan, this function could be useful.

A non-Galaxy smartphone will receive photographs or other data sent through link sharing as an attachment.

How to Disable Link Sharing on Samsung

Additionally, Samsung Social makes it simple to locate other Galaxy users.

Since Link Sharing is an app, you may also disable it by going to Settings > Apps > Link Sharing > Disable. Additionally, you may change the app’s settings to use Wi-Fi, delete expired files automatically, and more.

What is Samsung Social?

Once you’ve established a Samsung account, you can use the built-in feature known as Samsung Social. You can share status updates, profile pictures, contact details, photos, videos, and more with family and friends once your Samsung Social profile is set up (see below). Additionally, a Samsung Social Timeline will be available for you to upload photos and other content for your contacts to view. You’ll be able to view the data and content of your contacts, as well as leave comments on the updates they make to their timelines. To communicate and share images, videos, and comments privately, you can also establish a smaller group of close friends and family.

How do you sign up for Samsung Social?

You may sign up for Samsung Social by creating a Samsung account. When you sign up for an account, Samsung makes your Samsung Social profile available in the Contacts app.

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