How To Disable Samsung “FREE”

Samsung is adding alternatives to Google applications to its Galaxy handsets. We now have several Samsung applications that directly compete with built-in Google apps, like Dialer, Samsung Internet, Contacts, Gallery, and Samsung Notes. Samsung Free, which seeks to take the place of the standard Google Discover experience on Galaxy smartphones, is another addition to the increasing roster. Unhappy with Samsung’s most recent addition? On Samsung Galaxy phones, disabling Samsung Free is simple.

To fit their own Android skins and promote their services, Android manufacturers have been known to replace the Google Feed UI. Here, Samsung is not an exception. Millions of Android phones will now come pre-installed with Samsung Free on the left home screen thanks to the One UI.

Learn a little more about Samsung Free, the benefits it provides, and several alternatives before you deactivate it.

What Is Samsung Free

Samsung’s response to Google Discover’s rising fame is Samsung Free. In the TouchWiz era, the business utilized Flipboard, but it is now switching back to its own internal solution with Samsung Free.

Live TV channels, news integration, and game installation directly from the home screen are all included with Samsung Free. You may access all three from a single menu if you swipe right from the home screen.

How to Get Rid of Samsung Free

The Samsung Free app may be turned off but not uninstalled from your smartphone. This may be done in a rather simple manner.

How to Disable Samsung Free

  1. Android’s home screen editing mode will appear when you long press on any empty space on your home screen.
  2. To access the Samsung Free window, swipe all the way to the leftmost screen.
  3. Toggle it to the Off position by tapping the toggle at the top of the screen.
  4. When you slide all the way to the left on your phone, the Samsung Free window will no longer be the first screen you see.

How to Partially Disable Samsung Free

If you like certain aspects of Samsung Free, you may keep the app active while making customizations to your taste.

  1. To reach the App settings menu, open Samsung settings and choose Apps.

2. Tap the Samsung Free app in the list as you scroll down.


How to Disable Samsung Free

3. How to go to the Samsung Free app’s settings.

4. You may alter how the app behaves by going to the Samsung Free settings page. Tap Manage channels to edit what appears on the Samsung Free page.

How to Disable Samsung Free

5. You may customize the material that shows in the Samsung Free app on this page. Every channel is a content category, and each of those categories has a set of enabled content channels. If there are any of those channels you don’t want to view, you may deactivate any or all of them by pressing the channel category.

6. You may choose which channels to see in the Samsung Free app.
Scroll down the list on the channel listing screen and touch the toggle to Off for any channels you don’t want to view material for. Simply switch All channels to Off to deactivate the whole channel category.

How to Disable Samsung Free

7. There are more options for customizing the app on the settings page for Samsung Free. Scroll down to the Privacy section of the website. Here, you may turn off Samsung Free’s ability to use your phone’s listening or watching actions to tailor the information and advertisements you see in the app.

Why You Should Disable Samsung FREE

There are a number of things that might anger you to the point where you disable Samsung Free on your phone.

Only certain nations throughout the globe may use the Live TV feature. You may not find it beneficial depending on where you are right now.

When compared to Google Discover’s excellent and extremely effective news algorithms, Samsung Free’s news area falls far short.

Samsung Play is only another attempt to get users to download partner mobile software.

The performance of Samsung Free right now is far from ideal. The loading time exceeds our expectations.

Samsung doesn’t seem to be using AI to highlight news stories. You could only get ideas for unrelated news.

When utilizing a Samsung TV to stream content and your location has a significant number of live TV channels, Samsung Free mainly looks handy. Casting from the Samsung phone to the Samsung television works well.

Remove Samsung Free From SamsungĀ  Phones

Samsung Free cannot be directly deleted or removed from Galaxy phones. You can only disable it or install Google Discover in its place. Whether you like Samsung Free or not, the ability to disable it should give you peace of mind.

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