Top 5+ iPhone Apps For The Selfie Obsessed

Selfies have long existed and are a vital component of contemporary social media. Selfies are a fast and simple method to interact with your followers if you are a frequent user of any major social media platform.

iPhone cameras and photography apps have substantially improved, making it easy to capture beautiful selfies. But you can always add some flavor and turn an ordinary selfie into an interesting post. The top iPhone selfie apps are listed below to aid you in doing that.

1. AirBrush

One of the most well-known programs is AirBrush, mostly because of its fantastic retouching capabilities that let users change their face characteristics.

With a straightforward UI and clear choices, AirBrush nails the user experience in contrast to other selfie apps that overwhelm you with capabilities. It includes instruments for clearing up pimples, blemishes, brightening the eyes, and much more.

 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

Users may customize their face expressions using the sculpting tool in AirBrush. These options, together with the app’s superb color correcting tools and tasteful selection of picture effects, may help you take better selfies without giving them an artificial appearance.

2. Cymera

Check out Cymera if you’re seeking for a selfie camera with an independent vibe. Cymera allows you to customize your presentation in addition to editing your face. First, enhance your appearance with 150 filters and unique effects that focus on hair, cosmetics, and skin smoothing. Your legs may be reshaped, and body shapers can reduce your waist. However, what makes this app so unique is its selection of camera lenses, which includes split, fisheye, Lomo, and other types. You may sneakily shoot using the quiet mode. When finished, you may add a choice of stickers, graphic effects, built-in collage grids, or blurred backgrounds to your creation.

 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

3. Retrica

One of the first and most well-known selfie applications, Retrica first gained popularity for its vast selection of effects. With some additional effects on top, the app continues to emphasize that.

Retrica doesn’t have a home page or a crowded menu, so the first thing you see when you activate it is the Retrica camera. In a single motion, you may take a selfie, choose a filter from more than 180 choices, and create a narrative.

 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

Retrica is comparable to other programs for retro film cameras, but it is less intrusive and lets you experiment with basic effects like vignetting and background blur. The name refers to the fact that it is a selfie app for folks who like a vintage aesthetic.

4. SelfieCity

Do cities have distinct aesthetics and current fashions? Does your character represent a certain city? SelfieCity has a number of characteristics that set it apart from other selfie applications, including the usage of this trope as a metaphor for self-reflection. Formosa, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and New York are just a few of the cities that provide a variety of filters that are intended to generally represent their personalities or areas. Additionally, there are Live Augmented Reality (AR) effects, Double Exposure, Selfie Collage (combining up to 16 photographs), blurring and vignetting, and a function that resembles Apple Live Photos. Face recognition is used by the app’s intelligent beautifying function to improve skin tone and texture. It may not be your cup of tea, but the ideas are interesting and the outcomes are quite creative and artistic. One-click filters, 15-second films, and cinematic styles are some of the updated features.

 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

5. B612

B612 is the complete opposite of Retrica, which is renowned for offering a vintage and retro appearance. This is because B612, primarily because of its selection of filters, encourages you to produce images that are more vivacious and contemporary-looking.

B612 is the app you should try if you enjoy saturated selfies with vibrant colors and a “pop” to them.

Over time, it has improved and integrated the typical tools found in most selfie apps. You can now edit your selfies, add trendy stickers and effects, and change the RGB values.

 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

The majority of B612’s features are available for free, but you can also subscribe to a “VIP” plan to gain access to more filters, stickers, and editing tools.

6. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect goes above and above in offering the user a robust set of editing tools to improve their selfies. By having a distinct menu named Beautify devoted to those retouching capabilities, the software distinguishes itself from competitors.

The Auto function in this app area improves the picture when it can. Additionally, hand tools may be used to straighten out the skin, correct a smile, reshape your lips, and much more.

 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

The program also allows users to add animated effects or stickers, remove unsightly background objects, and even adjust a photo’s lighting and color profile.

This software for the iPhone is among the finest for retouching because of all of these capabilities.

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