Top 3 Reasons You Should Use Chrome Over Safari

You may use a wide range of various browsers on your Mac, including Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chrome. It might be challenging to decide which solution best meets your requirements given the abundance of choices.

For a variety of reasons, most notably its ease, Safari is one of the most utilized browsers on Macs. However, if you go out of your way to download Chrome, you’ll find that it offers a better user experience and more customization options than Safari.

1. Chrome Has More Extensions Than Safari

Extensions are essentially add-ons that you may install on your web browser to provide supplementary functionality and modifications that would otherwise be unavailable. A good illustration of what many extensions are like is Google Translate. If you need to read anything in a foreign language, it enables you to rapidly translate what you read online.

When it comes to which browser supports the most extensions, there is no contest at all. The Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome has a huge selection of alternatives.

 Reasons You Should Use Chrome Over Safari

You may customize your browser in a number of ways using the 12 categories available. If you want extensions that are more geared toward the workplace, Chrome provides categories that range from Developer Tools to Productivity. Additionally, Sports, Fun, and Shopping can be a good place to start if you want informal extensions that are less focused on business.

Additionally, Chrome provides more free extensions than all of the extensions that Safari offers.

2. Chrome Updates More Consistently Than Safari

Bug fixes are a crucial component of how well your browser functions, especially because Chrome is the quickest browser for Mac users. If issues need to be corrected but they don’t get resolved very often, you’ll be stuck with them for a long time and it will affect how you browse on a daily basis.

About nine times a year on average, Safari updates during the last several years. This leaves every update with five to six weeks. Safari’s capacity to address issues is constrained by the amount of updates it releases each year. This often makes it more difficult for Safari to provide the best surfing experience possible, particularly if there are serious defects that appear in the interim between upgrades.

 Reasons You Should Use Chrome Over Safari

In contrast, Chrome updates about every two to four weeks and has, on average, received far more upgrades than Safari in recent years. By releasing more updates, Chrome can fix issues faster and roll out new features and enhancements more regularly.

Even though each update is very tiny, the more times Chrome is updated over the course of a year, the more issues may be corrected or features introduced.

5. Chrome Themes Offer More Customization

You can customize Chrome’s look and background by using the feature known as themes. You can customize how new tabs appear on your Mac by doing this. You can also change the backgrounds of your new tabs in Safari. However, Safari only provides nine rather unoriginal background images. Chrome offers thousands of themes, from images of Formula One race cars to stunning landscapes.

 Reasons You Should Use Chrome Over Safari

Themes are very simple to add. Open the Chrome Web Store, click Themes, and then choose the theme you want to add to add it.

Do More With Chrome

Compared to Safari, Chrome provides more addons and more regular bug patches. You may also benefit from a more fluid surfing experience across numerous devices if you use Chrome given that Safari is only accessible with Apple devices.

Although Safari comes pre-installed on every Mac, there are certainly other reasons you would want to use it, in our opinion Chrome is the best choice if you want more freedom.

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