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Two things happen after the new iPhones are launched — some models are bound to get discontinued while some will certainly get a price cut. It happened with …

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy An IPhone Right Now
4 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone right now
TIMESOFINDIA.COM / Sep 3, 2021, 12:36 IST
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Realme Pad to launch on September 9, Realme reveals one feature that may make you buy it
This iPhone charging cable can steal your passwords
What we can expect are four new iPhones, which means buyers have the dilemma of buying an iPhone or wait for the ne

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Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone – ExtremeTech

Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone 1. I’ll Get to the Apple Store Ahead of You. If you’ve read this far then you’ve finally discovered the *real* reason I… 2. …

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Why Shouldn’t You Buy an iPhone? – Droid Life

The biggest reason I haven’t made a move to iOS is that I don’t have a reason to. The driving force for me to make a big switch from platforms would have to be that I’m …

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After a series of posts where we started out by asking “Why are you still using Android?” before moving onto individual phone brands (Samsung, Google, and OnePlus), it’s time to go down what may be the final road. We now want to know why it is that you won’t buy an iPhone? Why have you chosen to stay away from Apple’s ridiculously popular phone after all these years?
For me, the answer isn’t just “I write about Android for a living, so it makes no sense to run an iPhone on the daily.” In fact, that’s not

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Web3. Apple Rarely Offers Jaw-Dropping Deals. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Apple rarely offers significant discounts for holidays or shopping events (like Black Friday ). So, …

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a New iPhone
Why Refurbished iPhones are Better
2. The Apple Ecosystem is Available on Older iPhones
3. Apple Rarely Offers Jaw-Dropping Deals
4. Used iPhones are Better for the Environment
5. Ref

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Why you probably shouldn’t buy an iPhone 12 at this point

If your iPhone suffers from these types of frustrating issues, an immediate upgrade may be justified. However, with all the upgrades for the iPhone 13, you may want …

iPhone 14 Pro vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra
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Why you probably shouldn’t buy an iPhone 12 at this point
Still on the fence as to which iPhone to buy? Don’t worry. We’ll help you choose between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12.
The iPhone 12 is an excellent phone, but should you still buy it now that the iPhone 13 is here?
With longer battery life, upgraded storage, camera updates and the new A15 Bionic processor, Apple’s iPhone 13 is a tempting choice when picking a new iPhone. (Here’s how the iPhone 13 compares to all of Apple’s other iPhones.)

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Here Are 5 Reasons You Definitely Shouldn’t Buy the …

But back to the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s the camera that makes it “pro.” If you’re cool with ordinary shots, don’t bother with this upgrade. The trio of new 12MP cameras allows …

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WebAnswer (1 of 9): Reasons not to buy an iPhone over android (although i do recommend to buy one;) ) 1. Choices, choices, and more choices… When you choose an Android phone, …

What are some reasons you shouldn’t buy an iPhone?
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Here is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t get an iPhone.
1. The system is not open. i.e. Side loading of apps is not that easy.
2. If you want to use the paid apps, a credit card is necessary.
3. There is a lack of customisation.
4. The specs are WEAK ON PAPER. ( It works excellent though).
5. Many android phones can

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WebAnswer (1 of 2): This is an interesting question to me. The iPhone defined what we now think of as a modern smartphone. The newest models are still great devices, but they also …

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No voice dialing. No voice recording. No games. No capacity for video output to a tv (as iPod has). No capacity for over-the-air calendar appointments. No capacity for …

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